Activity Documentation System

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The Activity Documentation System

The crux of any WF application is the set of activities that are strung together to model business processes. In your first two labs, you became familiar with the Code, While, Delay, and IfElse activities. You will examine many additional activities in other labs in this class. This chapter will also illustrate how to build your own custom activities.

The point of this chapter is not to walk through the details of configuring each and every out-of-the-box activity that ships with the WF API. Doing so would be quite tedious for both students and instructors. Rather, this chapter will focus on the overarching activity programming model. Rest assured that once you learn how to configure one activity, it becomes simple to configure other activities with a bit of experimentation.

Be aware that every WF activity is fully documented in the .NET Framework SDK documentation. Simply look up the System.Workflow.Activities namespace or the topic ‘Windows Workflow Foundation Activities’. Here you will find detailed code examples for each WF activity type. Be sure to consult the documentation to learn the details of each of the out-of-the-box WF activities.


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