Integrated WF Services

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Integrated WF Services

WF provides a set of out-of-the-box services that can be used within a workflow-enabled application. The transactions and thread scheduling services are mandatory and are automatically loaded when the WF runtime is started. The persistence and tracking services are optional and must be registered with the WF runtime if you wish to use them.

WF Service Meaning in Life
Persistence Service Use this service to save a WF instance. This can be useful if a long-running business process will be idle for some amount of time (typically due to human interaction).
Transaction Service WF instances can be monitored in a transactional context to ensure that each aspect of your workflow completes (or fails) as a singular atomic unit.
Tracking Service This feature is primary used for debugging and optimization of a WF activity; it enables you to monitor the activities of a given workflow.
Thread Scheduling Service This service enables you to control how the WF runtime engine manages threads for your workflows.

Each of these WF services is represented with a default implementation baked into the WF API. If necessary, it is possible to create a custom implementation of a given WF service and register it with the WF runtime engine. Therefore, it is possible to tweak the way in which the WF runtime handles tracking services. You will examine these WF services in more detail later in the class.

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